Friday, June 3, 2011

Impromptu Girls Disneyland Trip!!!

It just so happened that I was not working on Thursday and had no appointments scheduled and that it would have been easy to pull the girls from preschool for the day, so we did an impromptu trip to Disneyland!!!! We even took their little pal Addy with us. To make the situation even sweeter, Kevin and the boys were going to be at Ethan's new school ice hockey team clinic at the RINKS in Anaheim which is literally about 3 minutes from Disneyland from 8-9:30pm. So, Kev and the boys got a ride to the rink in the team van and I met them there after Disneyland and we all drove home together. It was perfect!!!

The pics are poor quality because they were taken with my I-Phone-- I forgot my camera-- bad mommy!!!!

Finley on the teacups

Finley going down the slide backwards in the Toon Town Play Area
Addy in the Toon Town Play Area

Finley relaxing on some giant fruit!!

Mia on the Tea Cups!! She loves this ride--mommy not so much :)

Mia posing on some giant fruit :)

Mommy and Finley on a ride-- cant tell which one.

Mia on Small World-- she also loves this ride and sings the song all the time

Finley on Small World

The girls posing for a pic-- Love Finley's smile-- we are working on that :)

We left Disneyland around 7:30 and headed to Ethan's clinic about 5 min away.

Teemu selanne from the ducks was at the rinks hockey rink in Anaheim where Ethan's school hockey team plays. I guess teemu's son plays in our private school league and he was there watching the game. The second out boys saw him they went gaga and he was nice enough to autograph and shake their hands. He even asked me if the girls were twins and after I told him they are adopted and 1 year apart he commented how he loved watching them play and how cute they were. He was really cool!!!!

This is Teemu FYI

These are the kids ambushing him-- Ethan is in the shorts and purple shirt right in front of him and Teemu is in the red jacket-- sorry about poor quality-- I-phone

It was a really good day at Disneyland and a fun end to the day with Teemu. The girls were happy and got along and we only went on little kid rides and the crowds were good and it was just a great day!!!!

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  1. Looks like it was a great day for BOTH the girls and boys!