Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dochwhiler Beach Los Angeles

First off let me thank Ashton from Princess Blog Designs for creating my new look. I love it and I needed a nice new look-- so thanks so much!!! She not only does a great job for next to nothing but she also is very special young lady who has 2 adopted siblings from China and soon one more-- Beautiful little Ainsley!!! Ashton is an advocate for special needs kids and just a great all around young lady. I am fortunate to know her!!!

As a quick post-school trip last week we headed to Dochwhiler beach in LA. It is at the end of the runway at LAX. Besides the noise of the planes (which you get use to), it is a fun place to do some beach camping and the best part is you literally camp on the beach-- which we love!!! We had friends who were going to be there the whole week- 7 days- so we decided to go for 3 of those days and had a great time. We would have stayed longer if Kevin didn't have to get home for a meeting but the little break was nice.

* By the way, I had bought a new point and shoot camera before this trip because it was waterproof-- it was horrible and the pictures are bad. I am returning that camera ASAP**

At the beach my kids are always entertained for hours by a very large hole. Kev always digs a massive hole and the kid go at it.

Owen working on the hole

They drill for oil off the coast of California the whole way up and down so here you can see the lovely oil rig in the background.

The kids loved the water and the boys not only boogie boarded but also surfed and both boys were able to get up and ride a wave.

Love this picture as Mia is in mid-jump

It was a bit cool (by our Southern California standard) and a bit windy as it is always at the beach.

All the kids attacking the hole

Finley is a bit tentative to go in the water but got her feet wet a few time

She sure did love the sand toys.

I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was so horrified by the quality of the new camera but that was about it. It was a fun trip.


  1. I liked the pictures. They're just as good as the old 110 cameras took, and the memories matter more than the picture quality. Looks like "all the kids" found something to enjoy.


  2. Love your new look. Great beach pictures!