Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Christmas Gifts!!

Ms. Wang never leaves me hanging!!! I woke up to about 17 new Christmas pictures of Finley!! I love seeing how well cared for she is and how obviously happy she is. It warms my heart and I was able to celebrate a bit more knowing my daughter, half way around the world, was also celebrating!! The younger girl in the pictures I believe is a girl from Fushun orphanage that was adopted as an older girl to a family in the US and she now attends university in Florida. On her breaks she returns to Fushun to help in the orphanage. I think that is amazing!! She will be in Fushun until January 19, so we are hoping we will get to meet her while we are there-- fingers crossed!!

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  1. You are sooo blessed..
    love the photos..
    Merry Christmas..

  2. I am soooo envious. We are adopting Libbie and can hardly get an update on her. She was born 12/12/07. I was wondering if you could tell me her shoe size??? We hope to travel in Feb/March and I would love to know what size shoes to purchase. PS Merry Christmas!

  3. So cute! What a blessing to have so much contact!!

  4. Love the pics Cristy! They really do alot for the kids there!! It looks like a special place as far as orphanages go!! What a blessing!!