Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ethan is growing up!!!

So far my experience with junior high boys is that they are slow to mature but there comes a time where it just seems to click. My main school as a psychologist is a junior high and I see it all the time where the boys just finally take things seriously. Some boys hit that stride in 7th grade, others in 8th and some never hit it till high school. Ethan has been a kid that has been slow to have things click. He is a great kid but just the responsibility issue has been our struggle. A number of weeks ago Ethan told us he wanted to be baptized. We were thrilled!! In our church kids are able to get baptized when they are ready. There is no magic age just when they are mature enough and want to make a public display of their faith. When Ethan spoke up and wanted to do this, we were just about as happy as can be. It really showed a level of maturity that we have been hoping for. Ethan has grown in his walk with the Lord. Being at a Christian school has been phenomenal for him and he just seems really focused on maintaining his walk with God. Here is his baptism this past Sunday at our church. Hard to hear ever thing but you can see most of it!

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We are so proud of Ethan and his commitment to the Lord. He is really maturing!!!

OK, so now the next level of maturity has come but we missed it -- uggg!!! Ethan has always done well in school but has realized he does not need to try at all and he can get all A's and B's. He has always been on honor roll at his old school but at Upland Christian Academy they only do honor roll for GPA's above 3.5. We looked at his grades a few weeks ago online and it did not look like he made the 3.5 so we did not attend the awards ceremony this morning. Well, come to find out from my dear friend Lia that Ethan had in fact made honor roll and we were not there to celebrate for him---- ugggggg-- totally bad mom and dad!!! I feel horrible but am just as happy as can be for him. Tonight we will celebrate. Here is the picture Lia took for me!

So my boy is finally maturing and really tuning into what he needs to do. I am so very proud of him. Now if I can divert him from the girls-- yikes--!!! He's at that age-- ugg!!


  1. That's awesome Christy. We have been wondering what that age is to discuss becoming saved and baptism with our kids, especially Lauren, but figure, as with Ethan, it will come on their own time (with some encouragement from mom and dad). Congrats to Ethan! Loved seeing the Thanksgiving pics. Remember that land well from when Brad and I use to go up there in the summers. Hope your fam has an awesome Christmas nd New Year.

  2. He is such a handsome boy. You had a very PROUD mom week with him. The video does show his maturity..Congratulations Ethan!!

  3. Tears of joy running down my cheeks! You should be SOOOOOOOOO proud! What a great kid!!! : )