Friday, December 10, 2010

Ms. Wang sent more pictures!!!

Ms. Wang sent more pictures from when she and her husband took Finley home for the weekend for the Autumn Moon Festival. They are a couple months old but such a treasure. Finley will love to see these pictures of her main caretakers when she is older.

I love seeing the street market and all the hustle and bustle!!

Mr. and Ms. Wang with Finley. I love having this picture!!

My beautiful girl!!!

So, we have confirmation that our file is at CCAA and we are now waiting for TA. Our amazingly phenomenal China Coordinator Sabrina said she thinks our TA will be send before Christmas and we will get it after Christmas which will get us travel mid January. We are hoping for early January but we will see! Moving along :)

We have a crazy weekend with a program at Church tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday. It is an awesome program called Bethlehem Marketplace where everything is transformed into the time of Jesus. All of us are involved (the boys are carpenter assistants and Kevin and I are making the food with my bother Brad-- Ill take picture) but tonight we have to leave the boys (their grandparents are coming and taking them home) and we have a big Christmas party to go to. Last night our great friends Chris and Lia took us to the Nokia Center in downtown LA (where the Emmy's are) for a big dinner event and a show. We saw the Rocketts Christmas program and it was amazing. Plus we had a massive buffet and open bar with all you can drink and all the concessions (candy and popcorn) you want. It was a wonderful night and we thank our pals for taking us!! So we have a crazy busy weekend but we are really looking forward to it!!

I had to throw this picture in. It was a lazy day a few weeks ago and the kids were watching movies all morning by the fire because it was cold and raining out. Mia was on the computer looking at pictures of Finley. It was so cute that I had to take a picture of it-- on my phone so the quality is poor but I had to post how cute it was!!!


  1. Hi! I am a fellow adoptive mom who has been lurking and sharing in your joy! Ms. Wang rules! I love that you keep getting surprise updates and pictures. How wonderful for you while you wait and Finley when she is older. What a great blessing! Happy Holidays!

  2. Sooo happy for you my friend..
    I sooo cannot wait to see all of you together.. then it sounds like i need to come for a visit..
    Love ya

  3. Popping in from 3Peanuts and have to say....Congrats on your TA! Finley is absolutely adorable! I also had to pipe in and say that "I saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular on PBS and it was awesome on TV"! I can't even imagine how MORE spectacular it would have been in person. They are performing at a theater about 5hrs away from where I live! I so wish the show would have at least made it to Houston. That would only be about an 1.5hrs away!

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  5. That woman is just amazing and SUCH a blessing from God! Love that lazy day picture!!! Fingers crossed on a speedy TA!