Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lots happening!!!!

I'm sorry-- I'm sorry :( I know I have been totally missing but after Haiti I had so much to catch up with and just totally buried with court assessments and other stuff. Happily, I will say I have hired an assistant that is going to help me with my private practice so I am not doing things that take time that others can do for me-- soooo happy about that decision. BUT, with that said we have made another decision that is monumental!!! I cant share much yet but I will the second I can-- soon, really soon!!! And yes, it has something to do with little Miss Finley-- oh ya it does!!!!

Anyway, cant wait to tell you what is up!!!

With that said, here are some of the things that have been up since I have become a blogger bum!

Owen's Birthday is not till July 25, but he wanted to have his pals from school come to the party this year as he has never had a school party because his birthday is in summer. So, before school was out we picked a date and sent invitations. He is at summer camp in the mountains this week and every other weekend is booked so we had to do the birthday early--

so, Happy Early 10th Birthday Owen!!

I love the way Mia is looking at him in this picture!

The massive jumper that burnt our grass because the company didn't pick it up till the next afternoon after the party-- kids loved it-- the grass didn't!

We are hosting Chinese students through our church like we have for many years in the past. This year we have 2 boys and they are just great!! They are both from Chengdu Seszchun (sp?). They are with us for 13 days.

We had an adoption picnic on Saturday so we took the boys-- it was fun!

There was a watermelon eating contest-- Mia loves watermelon!

Picture of all Nightlight Adopted Children from So Cal!

Ethan loved the watermelon too!

Pretty girl

Digging in

Owen showing how his belly talks-- such a dork!!!

We are having fun with the Chinese boys here and Mia is in heaven because they are so nice to her. She asks all the time if she can play with HER Chinese boys!! Too cute!


  1. Owen is in double digits - Happy Birthday!!! Can't even believe it! You have tons going on - I am so excited for you!!

    AND emailing you...cause I know the old "rules" about sharing things in a public forum like a blog - has NOTHING to do with in an email ;-)


  2. i can't find your email!!! since my computer crash, i haven't reset up my outlook & stuff!!!!! hmmmmm....WHEN you have a minute, I'd LOVE to hear for you ;)

  3. I'm so excited to hear your news about Ms. Finley!!! Yay! Looks like the birthday party was a hit! How fun! Ellie is from ChengDu, we got to spend some time there, it is beautiful. Enjoy you summer! : )

  4. Happy Birthday Owen.. love the photos..
    As for Finley.. OMW.. you have to cough it up.. you know my number..
    I miss you TONS..
    LOVE YOU ..
    sending big hugs and love to you and the family..

  5. Love the "belly talk" picture, my kids totally do that too! Just wanted to hop on over and see if there were more news here then on RQ *hehe*

  6. Oh my! I can't wait to hear more about Finley!!