Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day To All!!!!

I saw this on another blog and actually cried. It is touching and sums up motherhood really well. Happy Mothers Day to all!! We are all wonderful moms- even if we don't quite believe it ourselves. We are all different and provide our kids with unique and different opportunities. We are not all the same and while the grass always seems greener and that other moms are better-- they are not-- they are just different. So, to all us insecure moms-- as well as to the secure moms-- Happy Mothers Day!!!!


  1. Happy Mother's Day my friend..
    Have a wonderful day..
    Love you BIG.
    Miss ya..
    and you are a GREAT Mom... your kids are WONDERFUL..

  2. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting it!

    Hope you have a fun and relaxing Mother's Day!

  3. Made me cry too. So beautiful and so true. Happy Mother's Day!