Friday, October 9, 2009

Cruise to Cabo

I just read about a family who needs to find a home for their adopted son. You really need to read about the situation but it is heartbreaking and this poor family is suffering but sadly, they must find a home for their son. Please read about this family and this 8 year old boy. Keep them in your prayers.
Kevin and I had a great time on our alone cruise without kids. We had no plans to go on this short 4 night cruise until we saw the prices and then we couldn't turn it down. FYI-- if you live close to a port, you can get cruises for next to nothing. This 4 night cruise out of San Diego to Cabo was only $199 a person and that is everything included except drinks. It is almost cheaper going on a cruise than staying home :)

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed doing literally nothing. We woke up late, ate, sat and read, ate, laid by the pool, ate, went to our room to nap or watch a movie, got ready for dinner, went to dinner, went to the club or went dancing or sit and talk. It was just what we needed as a couple-- time alone to just be together. If you think of it as marital therapy, it is actually a cheap therapy session :)

This was our Cabo day. We had to take the life boats to the shore because there is no pier for them to dock.

Cabo was about 95 degrees with about 95% humidity. We are southern California people and while we are use to hot hot weather, our weather is dry so the horrendous humidity got to us and all we felt like doing was sitting at a restaurant and relaxing. While eating out lunch a guy came up to the bar and ordered a beer and decided it was too expensive to he left. I asked if he worked on our boat and he said yes so we bought him a beer. He sat and chatted with us for a long time until his other friends from the boat walked by so they all came over as well and we bought them all a beer. They were great!! We had such fun drinking beer and margaritas and hearing about their home life. All of them were from Trinidad or St. Vincent Islands (English speaking islands around Jamaica-- I think). They were great and it was a perfect afternoon hanging out with some cool guys!

Pretty much an accurate description of what we did most of this cruise-- ate!! We were on a Royal Caribbean ship that had two fine dining restaurants other than the dining room. One was called "CHOPS" which was a steakhouse that gave Ruth Chris a run for its money. I had fillet and Kevin had lamb. It was 6 courses and just amazing!! The other restaurant was PORTAFINO which was Italian-- and it was no Olive Garden Italian (which by the way, I love Olive Garden). It was amazing food and the pictures of the skewer thing above and the shrimp thing were from Portafino. Amazing food and an amazing time.

OK, on another note I figured out an issue I have with regards to alcohol. I love a good Pomegranet martini before dinner and then maybe one with dinner. I never get loaded but I realized on this trip that if I have a martini (or any alcohol) before dinner, I totally get ill during dinner. Not like throwing up sick but nausea and stomach cramping sick. Totally strange. I tested the theory and after 2 nights of feeling sick I then tried not drinking before dinner and for 2 nights I was great. Interesting-- at least now I know.

Great trip, great time bonding with my hot hubby, great food, and a great relaxing time!!
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  1. Hi Christy!!

    You and Kevin look like you had a fantastic time!!! I just had lunch but after looking at the fantastic food I could eat again without a problem.

    Not sure if I had shared with you our new blog about our Taiwan adoption. (We used Nightlight again.) We're blogging a little differently this time. No names or personal information what with all of the blog issues we had when we brought our first son home in April 2007 and getting really "quirky" comments and all. We just brought our second son home a week ago.

    Hope is all well, and still hoping I can meet you someday!!!

  2. Hey Christy!

    WoW, I wonder if I am the only one that harbors ill feelings towards you for being so thin & beautiful and eating all the time? {{lol!!!!!!!}}

    And dressing cute. And always having jewelry and make up on.



    But you guys are adorable. And I am happy for you getting away!!

    Seriously. Happy!!

  3. Sounds like an AMAZING time..
    LOVE it..
    And very nice price..
    I am getting excited girly..
    Always a pleasure to visit with you..
    20 more days..

  4. Thank you for sharing the link about our son...

  5. What an awesome cruise and great price! I would totally go on something like that. Next time I see you, you'll have to give me the info.


  6. Sounds like a great time. I'll have to check the cruises out of New Orleans for us.

  7. What a great trip.....and that is a bargain. You weren't kidding when you said you would spend more money at home:)

    Looks like you had a wonderful is always good to get some alone time!!

    Hope you have a great week!


  8. Wow -- what a great deal! You two make such a cute couple -- glad you had a fun time!


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