Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This and That

This post is just a bit of this and that from my little camera that is always in my purse.

We have been having the family over for swimming all the time this summer. The kids have been in the pool non stop and us adults to. I have spent a ton of time relaxing in the water as it just feels so darn good when it is so hot outside.

Kevin and Mia hanging out a few weeks ago.

Mia loves squirting people with the water guns.

At the beginning of summer I found this huge massive horrible floaty thing. We seem to get a new horrible floaty thing each summer and it pops within a month or so. This year I found this hamster looking thing. One side of it popped the first day we got it but the other parts have stayed in tact. We played with it as shown for a long time but just the other day, the center popped and I didn't want to patch it so Kevin but all the popped part off and now we just have one big circular floaty tube. So this one lasted-- what-- almost 2 months-- not too bad.

When we went to the Midway in San Diego, we had dinner at this amazing Mexican restaurant in old town San Diego. This is the kids watching the ladies making the homemade tortillas-- which by the way have some sort of addictive ingredient that literally makes me thing about them daily!! They were amazing and I almost made myself sick eating them. According to my brother the addictive ingredient is LARD!!!! Whatever it is, it was awesome!!!

My dad at church a few weeks back with Savannah and Mia.

We went ice skating the other day with Laila, Ava, Tyler and Cassie. The boys brought their pal Carson and their cousins Katie and Kylie. It was a lot of fun.

The boys have ice hockey skates and love ice hockey but it is a little bit too pricey right now. We will stick with roller for the time being.
Ethan being way too cool!!

We did not intend on Mia and Ava skating (Ava didn't) but Mia totally wanted to skate so here is Cassie, Kaitlyn and Mia making their way around the rink.

The goofy boys

They are such dorks

Mia and Ava having way too much fun running around the rink.

They are so cute together-- best friends-- I love that about them-- just like their moms!!

My beautiful nieces-- Kaitlyn and Kylie

All the girls hanging out!

Laila and Tyler skating around. This was Tylers first time skating and he loved it and caught on pretty quick. He wants to skate again soon!

Tyler-- you go!!!

I did not intend on skating-- hence the dress, but when Mia really wanted to go out I went ahead and put on some skates. Here Mia is actually in her crocs. She was skating around on crocs and they allowed it-- totally funny!!!


  1. I love how you got out there in your dress! It sounds really nice to get in and cool off for a day during the summer.

  2. Love your dress!! :) You have an adorable family...and can I just say: Sweet Mia is SO DARN CUTE!!!
    Stay cool!!

  3. Super cute pictures! We missed you at Ryan's party. Hope to see you's been way too long!

  4. It looks like you are having a great summer! Cute pictures!

  5. Looks like you guys are having a fun summer! Enjoy!!

  6. You all just have so much fun!!! You in the dress with skates on is priceless.....what we don't do for our kids:)

    Hope you have a wonderful week......keep enjoying that pool!!


  7. So glad you all are enjoying summer to it's fullest potential! I just love seeing all the pictures of all the kids! Everyone is getting so big! Cute dress you got on there girl! Say hi to Laila!

  8. Sounds like you are having a blast... but you always are...
    Love the photos..
    You look wonderful out there in your dress...
    Have a great week..
    Love ya girly..

  9. So fun!! You guys are always doing something amazing!! I would totally skate in my dress!

  10. Wow Christy. Skating in a dress. Very impressive. I love the photo of Kevin and Mia in the floaty thing. She is giving him the most precious smile. Miss Rowan has been all about her daddy lately. Maybe it's the fact that he's actually been around this summer. She's starting this tattling thing that's making us a little crazy. Is Mia doing this yet. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer. It's flying by here and I'm so sad that snow will be right around the corner.
    take care,