Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jalama Beach California

The kids and I went to Jalama Beach with our friends The Sandoval's. Kevin had a trainee all week and all next week so he had to work so our friends asked us if we wanted to come with them and live in the back of their trailer. We decided to take them up on their offer and all 3 kid and I headed out early Monday morning. Jalama beach is about 3 hours from our house up the coast of CA. If you drive north on the 101 (the freeway that follows the ocean) past Santa Barbara you get to the hills of Gavolita. When you get to Gavolita you basically go 14 miles on Pacific Coast Highway and then another 14 miles on Jalama road and you end up in an untouched piece of California coast line that is pristine. It is breathtakingly beautiful and completely in the middle of nowhere. The campground only has 100 camp sites and there is nowhere to day camp so the place is not very crowded even at full capacity. There is absolutely no cell phone reception and no computer anything. It is truly a vacation because you are out of touch with EVERYTHING! The kids and I stayed till Thursday and then drove home. I took my big camera but it died after the first day as I forgot to charge the battery and left the alternate battery and charger at home-- stupid I know. Anyway, here are the pics from the first day-- it was just beautiful!

Owen boogie boarding. The water is really cold so the boys wore their wetsuits.

Finishing a great wave

You can see how the beach is just untouched and there is nothing for many many miles.

Ethan heading out to catch a wave

The boys love skim boarding. Here is Owen about to do so.

Skimming in action!!!

Ethan and Taylor boogie boarding.

My boy

The Sandoval Kids-- Taylor (in the front) is Ethan's age and they are great pals, Sammy (girl on left) who is the same age as Owen, and Nathan who is almost 7. They are a wonderful family and we just loved spending time with them.

Ethan preparing to boogie. The thing about Jalama is it is a huge surf beach. The waves are HUGE and kind of scary. There are a ton of surfers everywhere.

Mia playing in the sand

All smiles

Danny (Sandoval dad) playing with Ryder, their dog, in the waves. You can see how beautiful the water is.

Huge waves-- really big but beautiful!


  1. It looks gorgeous there! Mia is really getting big. I love that little dress she is wearing.

  2. What a beautiful beach! I love undeveloped beaches. It seems like you had a wonderful, relaxing week. I could use one of those... :)

  3. Wow!! I miss California so much! Looks like you guys had a glorious time! Nice to get away and not have to check your e-mail or voice mail! Glad you got a chance to get away.

  4. LOVE the photos..
    Looks like an amazing time..
    I am sooo ready to go to the ocean.. I am going to try and surf this time.. should probably break a leg before surgery since I will already be down...LOL.. just kidding..
    Love the little toys Mia has.. I know you got them at Target.. got Isabella the little butterflies.. but might have to get the roller if they mark them down enough..LOL..
    Have a great week..
    Love ya..

  5. WOW...that is some beautiful beach:) Sounds like a wonderful weekend....sometimes walking away from the phones and the computers are just what the doctor ordered!!

    I think your boys and Nick would get along great:)

    Happy Weekend!


  6. It looks like you had a blast! Cute beach pictures!

  7. I love Jalama beach but haven't been there for years. I now live in Oregon. do they still have the Jalama burgers in the little store? Thank you for sharing the pictures of your trip.

  8. I LOVE Jalama Beach! We were there a year ago next week! We can't wait to get back there again. Would love to do a group camping trip there and take advantage of that last group camp site right on the beach. Ohhhh so nice! Hope the Jalama burger was good. :)

  9. That looks beautiful! I want to go to the beach now :-)

  10. Now, THIS makes me want to get in the RV & hit the road!!!!