Saturday, July 18, 2009

How can you work so hard when your not working???

Yep, that's how I feel. I feel like I am working like crazy but really, I'm not even working (officially). Many of you know I have my own business Cornerstone Educational Solutions where I do independent evaluations for school districts, ADHD testing and lots more. My main "product" is an evaluation I created for the court system called "The Educational Custody Evaluation". It is a an evaluation ordered by the judge (or I can work as expert for an attorney) to help with an educational question or concern. The evaluation is getting pretty popular and I am getting a fair amount of work within the one local family court in our area. About 3 weeks ago I got a call from the Family Law Association of San Bernardino and they wanted me to do an hour long presentation for their family law attorneys and judges on July 22 (next Wednesday-- yikes!) Happily I said YES and I am scheduled for next Wednesday to present. I am scared as can be but really excited about this opportunity. The flyer's began circulating and I have been getting a ton of RSVP's from people all the way from attorney's to judges to mediators to Regional Center Advocates. It is just crazy who is going to be there and I soooooo don't want to disappoint. The power point presentation is done and now I am just reviewing it and trying to get it to fit into the hour. I tried to post the flyer that was circulated but it was in a format blogger didn't like therefore I couldn't post it--uggg-- but take my word for it, it was a very flattering and cool flyer. Keep me in your thoughts as I am crazy nervous about the presentation but the only really cool thing about it is that Kevin is catering the lunch meeting (typically presenters provide lunch) and after the presentation is over we are heading to Las Vegas for a late anniversary vacation. We are staying at our favorite place-- The Venetian- and are planning on doing the whole fine dining thing. We just cant wait and literally when we head to the presentation our bags will be packed and we leave directly from the court house to Vegas (about a 3 hour drive). Kids will be with my parents and I am just stoked!! I get to market my business (which is a huge opportunity) and then relax and do nothing in Vegas-- oh joy!!!!
There is more going on with me but I will post that boring stuff on a later post. Kids are good, just enjoying the summer days. Surprisingly we have been really busy with something going on practically everyday. One of the fun things the boys do one day a week during summer is they go down to Amy's Farm (my brother and sister in laws farm) and spend one day down there- usually accompanied by a sleepover. The boys are required to work and tend to the animals, pick vegys from the garden and do all sorts of chores. They just love it and work really really hard. Ethan was in charge of picking carrots on Thursday and was shocked when he pulled a carrot up that reminded him of-- well himself!! Take a look (caution-- questionable pictures-- lol):

It has been sitting in water so it wont go limp- oh holy cow I crack myself up-- only half of it will fit in the glass hence the one dry leg.

Yes, that is a true carrot that has not been altered in anyway. It came out of the ground that way and Ethan immediately took it to Auntie Amy and they decided to keep it because it made them laugh so much. I think this is just hilarious!! Everyone who has seen it in person just cracks up when they see it-- total freak carrot!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. LOL....OMG, can't stop laughing....that is hilarious!!!

    On a more serious note.....WOW, what an opportunity you have this week.....I know you will knock it out of the park....Good luck and enjoy Vegas. This is the week we always went to is the first summer in three years that we are not going.....bummer, we would have been out at the same time!!

    HAVE FUN:)


  2. OMG..that carrot is making me LAUGH!!! Too darn FUNNY!!

  3. LOVE the carrot.. tooo dang funny..
    As for your presentation.. well I have NO DOUBT you will knock it out of the court....LOL..
    you are amazing.. and will do the presentation with flying colors.. have fun in Vegas.. can't wait to see photos..
    Love ya girly.. miss ya too.. can't wait to see you again..

  4. That carrot is too funny! OMG - my boys would get such a kick out of it. You should send a picture to Letterman or Conan or something!

    Good luck on the presentation - I'm sure it will be awesome! Have a great trip to Vegas and enjoy the food!


  5. Good luck with your presentation -- sounds like such a great opportunity for you!

    Have fun in Vegas!


  6. That carrot is HYSTERICAL!!!! Your presentation will be a huge success I just know it! Enjoy your weekend in Vegas and time with Kevin. Many hugs!!

  7. Like everyone else LOVE the carrot! I am thinking you should submit is to a late night show...surely it is worth a few jokes :-)

  8. Girl...that carrot is CRACKIN ME UP!!! I wanted to laugh out loud! I have NEVER seen anything like it. Definitely submit it to the Late show. I bet David Letterman would get a hoot out of it!!!

    Praying for you and your business!!! So wonderful that it's going so well!!!

    Have a great week!

  9. Sorry it has been so long since I have been by...oh my gosh the CARROT...I love that your son picked it how funny. Best of luck with the presentation and have a FABULOUS time in Vegas Baby!!

  10. wow what a carrot, heh. glad your business is booming.