Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Random Things

We went camping this weekend to Ocatillo Wells in the desert as our last trip of the riding season. We left Thursday and just got home at like 9pm tonight. It was a great trip but we did have a little accident. Last night our friends Chuck and Susan finally were able to get out there (they were going to stay until Tuesday) and when they were unloading their trailer a very large Jeep tire was accidentally tossed on their 12 year old Lab- Max- and he died almost immediately. It was horrible and the kids were just freaking out and all the adults were crying and the poor guy who tossed the tire just felt horrible. It was very sad. Needless to say Chuck and Susan packed back up again and went home. It was very sad. As an aside, my parents golden retriever/ Cocker mix who was 20 years old had to be put down this weekend as well. It was very sad but Nevada was old and lived a great life! Anyway, it was a great trip and I will post pictures soon.

I decided to post some pictures that I just loaded from my little camera. There are two events. This first event was a Ducks game we went to with Brian and Heather about a month ago. It was so fun and the kids had a blast.

They had this little event before the game set up and the kids got to play hockey and do all kinds of things. This is Mia posing by the kids little rink.

Kevin and Brian watching the kids play.

The boys!

Mia and Heather

I think this is a funny picture. Kevin and Brian usually look like this-- laughing. They are so funny together.

I love the look Mia has on her face while looking at daddy.

The next couple of pictures are from a little get together we had at our house with some of our friends a few weekends ago. We had Chuck and Susan and kids and Steve and Janine and kids (Steve and Kevin are both motor officers together)

Mia and Hannah (Chuck and Susan's daughter)

Steve and Janine

Steve (Janines husband and Kevins motor partner) and I by the fire pit.

It was a great party!!
I will post pics from camping soon. Have a great week-- mine is crazy busy!!


  1. LOVE all the photos..
    but you guys are ALWAYS having TONS of FUN..
    Mia is darling as always..
    10 days girly..
    I am sooo excited..
    SOrry to hear about both dogs... that is sooo hard..

  2. Sorry to hear about the dogs....that is so sad!!

    As always, cute pictures of your the pic of you and your hubby too!!

    Life is BUSY here as well....I can't wait to get off this crazy merry go looks like things are going to calm down a bit in May!!

  3. So sorry to hear about the dogs. Both stories are so sad.

    Cute pictures! I'm so jealous of all the springy clothes on Mia - we had a taste of spring over the weekend, but now its 48 and rainy - yuck!

    Have a good week!

  4. Man Christy, you guys have been through the ringer lately! I'm so sorry to hear about the dogs, how sad!

    Looks like you had a great time at the hockey game! Great picture of you by the firepit! I love your dress! Soo pretty!

  5. great photos. so sorry to hear about the dogs. how sad. e-mail me back about a little sumptin'sumptin (gift) for you!

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