Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please Pray

I posted this on my last post but I wanted to dedicate an entry of its own so that more people would see my blog was updated and would come and read this post. The post starts from the bottom and works its way back to the top.

Update- This is an email sent out by our Sunday School Class from Melissa who is the sister in law of the man who was killed. Please read and pray for this family.

Hello Dear Friends!My amazing brother went home this evening just around 9:00 pm. Shock, grief, anger, physical sickness, hurt has filled this night heavily on our hearts. Rich was getting the mail after coming home from taking Jordyne and Kyle to Laser Tag. He was struck and thrown. I do not believe he felt pain, I believe his injuries were so extensive and God was gracious to take him from that. I thank God he saved Rich from so much pain. It is still our deepest desire that he would be with us... however God's desires and plans for us are greater than ours. There are so many questions that have filled our minds and hearts. Kyle, my nephew who has high functioning autism witnessed the entire scene. He was able to give the officers and I good info on the car. They have so far not been able to recover the vehicle or the driver. The driver did leave a trail of his/her car for a few miles...but no car has been found.Please pray specifically forPeace, Comfort and HOPE for our familyFor my dear sister Michi, Cody and KyleDecisions that will need to be made in the days aheadFor a successful arrest of the individual who took my brothers lifeFor our Anger, Hurt and physical well beingFor Kyle as he continues to process what he saw and the events of this night for many, many, many years to comeFinancesAs we sat and digested the night as a family, looking at the past couple weeks leading up to this night, it is so obvious to see God's hand in preparing our hearts for even death of this amazing man we all love. Thank you for praying and sister and the boys, my parents... all of us know we are loved by an God given support system.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for praying...please continue the days ahead will be very hard.

I just got off the phone with my brother who informed me of some tragic news. Our long time family friends who we have known from church for many many years just had a tragic loss. Rich, the father, was somehow hit by car (total hit and run) and he was killed. The junior high age son saw the whole accident. This literally happened within the last 45 minutes so we do not know more than just the little bit I posted. Please pray for this family. Pray for Michi (the mom) and their two sons (Kody and Kyle) as they deal with this horrific accident. Rich was a Christian and we thank The Lord that he is now in Heaven with Jesus. Please lift up this family in their time of need and pray for comfort and that the Lord will wrap His arms around them. This is just so tragic. I cant believe I just wrote this. This just breaks my heart.
Brad just told me that there are helicopters and cops everywhere searching for the guy who hit and killed Rich. I had also initially reported that Michi was out of town but she was not- she was home when this happened as well as her sister and brother in law so they were there right when it happened.


  1. I will pray for this family. What a horrible accident. Those poor children. No child should witness the death of a parent.

  2. This is just not right..
    I can't imagine..
    Praying for the family and friends..
    "BIG HUGS"...

  3. How tragic! My prayers are with this family.

  4. I will pray for this family Christy. It is so very sad.

  5. So sorry for this family! praying!

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I will keep your friends in my prayers.


  7. We feel so so sad for this family. We too are praying for them.