Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Mia!!

Today is Mia's half birthday-- she is officially 2 and 1/2!! Whoohooo!! WOW is my girl growing up. I cant believe she is half way to 3-- time flies. She is just about as grown up as can be. Besides completely speaking in full sentences and knowing her letters and sounds, my girl is turning into a challenging yet adorable little girl-- did you hear that-- little girl--not baby anymore. Trippy isn't it!! Anyway, this weekend Mia and I went to get her a hair cut along with a pedicure for me. While there Mia wanted a manicure and I obliged :)

She desperately needed a cut. We did a trip that took about 3/4 of an inch off.

Round brushing makes it look so pretty!!

Not sure why this picture is so small but the lady wanted to make a few more cuts.

Cute little bob. Her baby hairs in the front have grown out a lot and they look like bangs but they are not. I'm trying to grow her hair into the same length bob. It is almost there and once it is all the same length I will grow it out long.

More revisions.

Getting her nails done. The ladies at the salon thought she was just adorable. It cracks me up how so many people are so hesitant to ask if she is adopted or what is her situation but not Asian people. They, with absolutely no hesitation, ask if she is adopted. I like the candor even if it is kind of assuming.

Smiles for mommy-- who by the way was sitting in the chair soaking for her much needed pedicure.

The beautiful finished product.


  1. Christy,

    I'm sorry I've been a horrible
    bloggy friend latley. I have
    kept your Dad in my prayers!!
    Mia looks so adorable and I
    love the way you've cut her
    hair. I need to bite the bullet
    and get Allie's haircut!! Have
    fun at Disney with Kim!



    P.S. 05/01/09 DTC~BABY!!!

  2. LOVE the new little haircut..
    Mia is tooo cute..
    Have a great weekend..
    Can't wait till MOnday..

  3. Looks like you girls had a great spa day together!! Love the new do....she looks adorable!!

    I saw your comment this morning....I am using Photoshop and Lightroom for most of my pictures. They have free trials, but you do have to buy them and they are not cheap programs. If you need more info, send me an email, I would be happy to share what I know!

    Have a great weekend....TGI almost F:)


  4. I sure wish Kailee would do the girlie stuff with me! I asked her if she wanted a pedicure or manicure so she could go with mommy, but she said no.

  5. Gracie loves going with me for my pedicures and soaking her feet in the water. This time around, I finally gave in and let the girl polish her toes which the polish promptly came off within a couple of hours! Love the jeans too, Gracie has the same exact pair! Hope to see you guys soon.