Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Baby Goat

We had dinner at my brother and sister in laws house on Saturday night and Amy, my sister in law runs AMYS FARM TOURS, a field trip place for schools to talk kids. It is an amazing experience complete with a petting area of all the animals as well a garden and the kids get to feed the baby cows a bottle (it is actually a working calf ranch where they raise baby cows for local dairy's). Well, one of the goats had a baby and the mom rejected it so Amy brought the baby goat home with them and is bottle feeding it. It is such a cute little goat and just walks around their house like their dogs.

I told Amy I was going to post the goats picture on my blog and she asked people to give suggestions for names. Anyone got any names for our little goat? Let me know in the comments section.



  1. He looks a little like a patchwork quilt. Perhaps Patchwork or Patches?


  2. Hey Chris! Awww such a cute little goat. Don't know why I thought of Penny when I saw it. Probably lame but there you go hahaha. I sooo hope this week is it!!! Sooo tired of waiting!:)

  3. Christy -

    What a darling goat! I was gonna say Patches too!

    Glad you are on to the blog aren't they??


  4. How about Callie - she has similar marking to a calico cat:)

  5. My kids voted for Abby for the goat.