Saturday, February 24, 2007


OK, I am already addicted to blogging. I am finding so many fun things to add to my blog. I added a poll thanks to Steph who had a poll on her blog so I stole her idea. I added the visitors countries thanks to someone on my DTC group. I want to add more but I don't know when I will stop. This is just so much fun and my DH is just laughing at me. I asked him what poll I should put on my blog and he said to make a poll asking if people think my wife crazy. He just thinks it is funny but he likes looking at the blog also -- so there!!

By the way, does anyone know how to put video on your blog? Also, anyone know how to add music to your blog? Any info would be appreciated.



  1. Hi Christy,

    Congrats on your new blog. I love blogging too. My husband teases me SO much about the silly stuff I write but it is fun and I love posting. I like it better that my other website which I will cancel very soon. So, tell your husband you may be crazy but a lot of us are:) I cannot wait to log on here and see Mia's beautiful face. Now I need to add this to my blog. May I? Your family is so beautiful. I am glad we are on this journey together.
    Where did you get the country counter? It's cool.

  2. It is addicting isn't it.

    It's a small world. I came across your site when I was checking out the Neocounters. I graduated from Alta Loma High Scool. My in-laws went to Pomona First Baptist and helped start Hillside Comunity Church. All of my children are adopted.

    Tip: I had to find the right template that could accomodate the width of my music player. Also, you can usually find players in different sizes or make some adjustments in the html.

    Feel free to stop by and ask questions if you like.

  3. Hi, I must say I find it very difficult to accept this type of blog. How can you put pictures of your family on the web like you do? And why do you make information about your chinese daughter public? I think you should pay more respect towards all of your children. You know, internet is full of pedofilies and other idiots.
    LID, 2005-10-17 Sweden

  4. Hi Christy,

    Your blog inspired me to finally quit saying I was going to create one and just DO IT! How did you get to audio and visitor counter on here?? I love it!

  5. Hi! great blog! no ideas for the little goat, though he is darn cute. As for music, you seem to have added it? Please remember that many look at blogs at work (and don't want loud music blaring out), and many of the rest of us are already listening to the radio, or have our own music playing while we read online... I couldn't find where to turn yours off so had to mute the sound to my whole puter. Not so handy as I can't hear when mail comes in, etc. Just a thought. anyways, the country counter is cool too!

  6. Hi Christy,

    Nice to meet you! Found you via your link on RQ.

    2 things...

    First, feel free to delete comments such as the rude one posted by the brave 'anonymous' person. I have done that occasionally as I feel stuff like that just doesn't add to my blog. It's there opinion and I'd prefer they keep it to themselves.

    Second, to add a video, I've done so using 'you tube.' Download a video onto youtube and then paste the code into my blog entry. One thing you will probably need to do is change the width to 400 and the height to 250. (This will make more sense when you paste in the code.)

    If you'd like any help please feel free to contact me. My email is on my blog.

    Congrats on your upcoming referral! So excited for you!!