Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving is always the tradition of going to the central valley of California to our cousins house. We use to go to my grandparents house but they have both been gone for a few years so we still maintain the tradition of going up north so we can see all our family once a year. It is such a great time!! We get a hotel (3 hour drive) by my cousins in Tulare and spend all day and into the night on Thanksgiving at her house then go to our land the next morning and top it off at our favorite Mexican restaurant El Tap in Porterville for lunch and then off to my other cousins for dinner. We have a wonderful dinner with family with a huge fire and all kinds of shooting festivities for the kids. We then take off and drive home late Friday night. It is a wonderful time!!! Of course I forgot about pictures when we were with the family but got lots from the land.

It was pretty chilly so the girls were dressed for warm!

Ethan and Fin

Playing around the stream

The Girls-- Mia, me, Fin, Hailey and Savannah- front
Cassie (sister), Mom, Amy and Annalee (Annalee is 3 months younger than our Emery will be so it will be fun them growing up together-- Savanna and Mia are only 5 months apart as well)

Yes, this is what you think. Sorry for this but it was too funny that they were all squatting by each other totally on their own. I told them to hold hands and smile!!!

The boys conquered the massive hill!

My big 13 year old!!!

And then someone got the great idea to get IN the water-- not the best idea but we went with it!

Until Owen stripped--

And the girls decided to get everything wet-- luckily we had a change of clothes.

Yes, this is Ethan driving my dads car. Now, this is not something we like, but my dad drove his big truck on this property when he was only 12 so my brother and my dad decided that the boys-- Ethan-13, Owen-11 and Christian-11-- all needed to practice driving on the land. And so they did-- only on the land and they knew it!!! They actually did a good job. Christian lives on a farm so he gets to drive tractors all the time-- they all did a good job.

So that was our awesome Thanksgiving!!! Lots to be thankful for. Finley loved her first Thanksgiving and we are so blessed in so many ways!!!


  1. Hey Christy - I think it's very cool your family still has this land, and all the fun activities you can do on it. What great property. I still remember the summers Brad and I spent up there working with your grandpa and grandma. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving...

    Mike Congalton

  2. Looks like another wonderful Thanksgiving! So much for you guys to be thankful for this year. :)