Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hockey and Makeup

We have been busy around here with hockey always dictating a lot of what we do. Since Ethan is on the high school hockey team (as an 8th grader)and Owen is the stick boy and gets to practice on Tuesday and Thursday with the team so he is getting really good. Every week we have 2 practices and on Saturday we always have a game in Anaheim right by Disneyland at the rink where the DUCKS practice. In fact, we see DUCKS players all the time and Teemu Salanie's son is on one of the teams we play in our league so we see him all the time. Anyway, we make hockey a family event and the girls come to all the practices and games. They know the rinks well and have figured out all the fun stuff to do. I swear they are half raised in a hockey rink-- poor girls-- but they love it!!!

Ethan is #15 and he often plays defence but the coach has been putting him into forward a lot recently.

Ethan is one of the Assistant Captains. That is a huge compliment especially for an 8th grader on a high school team. He shows lots of really strong leadership skills and I am sure that is why the coach made him Assistant.

And here is what the girls have been up to the last few times at the rink.
Mia got a makeup set for her birthday and loves- and I mean loves- to put makeup on anyone who will sit there for her. Well, her sister being the sweet sister she is, will sit there and let Mia do whatever she wants to her.

After doing up Finley's face, she, in this picture, has moved onto her nails.

Love the way Mia is looking at Finley-- too cute!!!

Oh the joys of Hockey life!!!!


  1. The pictures of your girls are so cute. It seems as if they will grow up to be very good friends!

    I am not a hockey person, but we are moving to Finland for 7 months in January. We have been instructed to learn something/anything about hockey before we go. That name (Teemu) looked Finnish to me, so I googled him and learned a little bit I hope to be able to use as conversation in Helsinki! I think I'll check and see if there are other Finnish players here in the US!

  2. I'm sure that the girls can keep a crowd entrained on their own :)

    Congrats on your new little one!!

    Can't wait to hear more about her!

  3. CUTENESS....
    Looks like everyone is doing well..

  4. This is precious!
    I don't know if I'm brave enough to give mine make-up!!
    I know you're so proud of your hockey player! It is so fun to see them successful at something they love.

  5. Actually the eyes aren't too bad, lol! Better than what I can do. Gracie loves putting makeup on too! Hope you are doing well and have a great Thanksgiving!