Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Girls Preschool Halloween Party

The girls had their fun little Halloween party at school today. The girls sported their cool costumes and off to school we went!! I was in charge of the cookie decorating station so I did not walk around with the girls but they came through my station and I was able to get some cute pictures then.

Finley enjoying some awesome frosting. Finley was Jesse.

Mia and Addy getting ready for one of the fun centers.

My pretty little girl!!!

She is so sweet at school :)

Mia getting ready for one of the fun centers

Mia decorating her cookie

Addy and Finley at the cookie decorating station
Finley showing Mia her loot. I love the look on Finley's face-- it is so cute!

Looking at their candy

Waiting for the next center

Love how Finley is sitting. She actually sits like that often.

The teacher made me take a picture with the girls-- not overly thrilled with it-- love the bags and wrinkles-- this is why I stay out of pictures-- yikes!!!


  1. You are BEAUTIFUL... and Love the pictures...the girls are getting sooo big..
    Love ya..

  2. I love Finley's costume!!

    Hey! The bags and wrinkles ARE what makes us beautiful :) you look great!

  3. A priceless photo of you and the girls. Just beautiful!

    Take care.


  4. Sweet costumes and great photo of the three of you! Don't stay out of the look lovely and are very photogenic...and they will be priceless to your children!