Monday, October 17, 2011

Clothing Plea

Ok, many of you who know me or have read my blog for any length of time know that I am a clothing freak!! I love clothes and nothing is more fun for me than to dress my beautiful little girls. With that said, dressing my beautiful girls is NOT CHEAP!! I have managed to do pretty well up until now and did not have the spending restrictions I have now that Kevin is retired so the girls clothes have been filled with Naartjie, Baby-Kid Gap, Gymboree, Janie and Jack and other great clothing makers. I am not a huge saver of clothes so I have made it a practice to pass the girls clothes down to friends or people that need them. The problem I am having now is that I have passed all the little clothes to others but have not wanted or needed them back since I didn't ever think we would have a little one again. Well, things change and now we are going to have a little one and we are going to have to outfit her. I have no idea where all the 12 month to 3T clothes ended up so I cant really get them back so I am asking others that might have 12 month to 3T clothes who might want to pass them down to let me know! I would be happy to save them all and send them back when our little one grows out of them, but I am trying to figure out how I am going to clothe this child with our non existence budget. If anyone has tubs full of about 12 months to about 3T clothes that they would like to pass down to our little one, I would be sooooo thankful!! Honestly, that would be a tremendous blessing as it is kind of stressing me out thinking of how I am going to dress her. Thanks guys for any help!!!

Also give me your thoughts-- and my parents and sister are not allowed to contribute because I know what you think --lol!!!

Harper Song- still my fav

Ella Song- getting way too popular

Kendall Song- really like this one

Elsie Song (Elsie is a family name)

So which of the above names does this little face look like???

I need help. Seriously having issues and Kev and I just cant commit. I'm thinking we may have to wait to see her updated pictures but I am getting sick of calling her our "little one". I would like to call her a name-- sigh....


  1. Christy, I wish I could say I had clothes to send your way but our youngest Emma is turning 7 and I have gotten rid of most of her baby clothes. Good luck finding some though:) I like Ella Song...very pretty little girl. I am so excited for your family:)


  2. I thinks she looks like a Harper:)

  3. Rachel, I agree. I think she totally looks like a Harper!

  4. I like Kendall Song the best of those listed. Kendall is not too popular and Kendall sounds strong and a nice balance to Song.

    Ella Song sounds almost fairytale-ish it is so lyrical. I do like both names though-- just not together.

    I am sorry but I do not have any clothes to pass your way. I have given away and sold almost everything. i would be in the same boat as you if we adopted again. I'll bet some things will come your way though.

  5. I'm loving Elsie, sounds so good with your other children's names, she has an impish little look that makes me smile....and looks like an Elsie to me:)
    I may have some clothes for you, especially when Janie starts growing out of her 3t. I am going through clothing this week and I know I have some 2T's, I'll let you know:)

  6. I am with Paige.. I love Elsie too!!!!! But, honestly they are all beautiful! As for clothes.. I can probably help you with 2T after Emme grows.. She is still in 18 mos for most things!! She's a peanut!

    Remind me!!!!


  7. You guys are awesome!!! I woudl love anything you have-- I will remind you Di :) I feel odd asking but this time we need the help so I sucked it up and asked and I am so thankful I did. I am blown away by all of your generosity!!!

    Kim, I like Kendall too-- it is growing on me more and more. Someone commented Elsie sounds like a cow-- on RQ- and now I am not sure about Elsie- darn!!!

  8. I htink she looks like a little Kendall

  9. I love Harper. Harper from Hebei and Caleb from Chengde. : )

  10. Harper is a very popular name, it's too trendy right now.

    I like Elsie, you could call her Ellie for short. If you choose Elsie, it would be nice because then your first child and last(?) would have the same first initial. Kind of like the beginning and end with your other children in the middle! :)

  11. Ooh, definitely Kendall!! A good friend of mine has 2 girls -- Kendall and Finley, so i know they go together. I think Kendall goes best with all your other kids' names, too. And Song is so flowery/pretty, that Kendall (strong) is a perfect combination.

    Yes, Ella is too popular!!

    And where I live (Boston), Harper is also really popular :(. I think also it sounds like a "celebrity" name (lisa marie presley, beckhams)

    Hmm, I wouldn't think of a cow with the name Elsie. But what about Elise?

    Good luck!!

  12. Hey it is Jamie!
    Congratulations! I am cracking up because Harper was our second choice name after Finley!... and Elisse is Finn's middle name!!! Great minds huh? We also considered Avery, Monroe, Georgia and Harlow.
    I think I have some clothes I can send up... all 12 months.

    I decided today that if we adopt again I am naming him/her... Mia Owen Finley Ethan Song Dulcie. :)

  13. I'm still overflowing with joy for you guys!!! :)

    Harper is my favorite! :)

    I've got clothes obviously! I'll get a box together for you guys and get it to you somehow. We might be headed down there the first weekend in November...I also really want to catch up with you! :) So many hugs to you all!

  14. Thanks so much for your input!! I totally appreciate it. I really think its between Harper Song and Kendall Song. I like Jendall more and Kevin likes Harper more- so we will see.

    Jamie, you crack me up!!! I think that is so funny that we think the same. I find that with certain people. I love all their names of kids and then others- not so much. I would love to see you adopt again. If you send me clothes-- which by the way I will paypal u $$ for shipping-- I will keep the clothes neat and clean and send them back when she outgrows them.

    Kayce, same thing. I would love your cute clothes. I will save them and return them in beautiful condition. Lets for sure meet up when you are down in Novemeber. I woudl love to see your peanut!!!

  15. In this last month Harper has become an extremely popular name here. My church now has 2 or 3 brand new Harpers all about a month or so apart. I vote Kendall

  16. We love following your blog and all your children are just precious! My vote is Kendall. Our friends had a 'surprise' 4th child and her name is spelled Kendyl. They liked it because the work "end" is in the middle symbolizing the end of their kiddos. I am sure you won't have any trouble with getting hand me downs but seriously how will you stay away from the store fronts? Good luck with that :)

  17. Christy, congrats and great news! Our family vote would be Elsie. It's a great name and because it's a family name on your side, it would really have meaning and tie your family together in that extra way.

    Mike Congalton