Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WE ARE LID!!!!!!

For all you non- adoption folk, I will explain. We worked hard to get our documents or dossier together over the last 3 months. We finally got it all together and sent it to China on 9-3-10. Once it gets to China you wait to hear what day they logged you in (LID). This is a very important date as it determines a lot of your processing time-- the earlier the better. So, most people wait about 2 weeks to get logged in but AMAZINGLY, the day China actually received our dossier (9-7-10) was the day they logged us in !!!!!!! We got our LID the same day they got our dossier!!!! That is hugely rare and totally exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are LID- 9-7-10

Which means we are now 7 days into our wait for our official Letter of Approval (LOA) from China. The process is that we submitted our Letter of Intent (LOI) to adopt Finley. China sent us back a Pre-Approval (PA) that said that we can go ahead and submit our paperwork for Finley. So, we did all our paperwork, sent it in- we are now logged in-- and now we wait for China's official acceptance that they are going to allow us to be parents to Finely (which they will). After we get our letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China then we have to wait for our travel approval (TA) and then we can travel.

The basic trend in timelines are as follows:

Wait for LOA from LID is around 30 to 40 days-- we are 7 days into that wait

Wait for TA from LOA is around 60 days

These are good times but our process could go quicker (we hope) or slower (we pray not). As things have been going along, we have sped through this process so my prayer is we are trending towards the faster side of things but we will see. So, if we trend towards the fast side, we could be in China in December!!!! I can not imagine that!! I would be thrilled but I am not holding my breath for that because if that were the case, things would have to literally work our PERFECTLY and if anyone knows China adoption, that does not always happen. So, I will hope for January and if things go fast and we end up getting December--- I will celebrate while being in Shock!!!

So, that is where we are. I can not be any happier right now knowing we may only be 3 to 4 months from holding our little girl!!!!


  1. Fabulous news-you certainly can't beat that timeline for efficiency!

  2. Whooohooooo..
    Love it..
    I can't wait to see Finley in your arms..
    Miss you TONS..

  3. Congrats! Hoping the next steps happen quickly, too.