Friday, September 10, 2010

My 2 Girls!!!

Please excuse the quality of the pictures but they were taken on my phone last night before bed. I heard Mia upstairs making some noise in my closet and when I got up there she was trying on all my high heels. She loves heels (just like her momma) and the ones she is wearing in the picture are the ones she deemed her favorites because they are silver and "match my outfit". The girl has a good eye!!!

A tutu and high heels-- what can be more girlie!!
And to keep Finley's beautiful face in every ones thoughts, here is my second daughter!! Could she be anymore beautiful!! I am sooooooo in love!!!

She has the most perfect features. Look at those lips-- gorgeous!!!

Just the sweetest little personality in this picture. I am just smitten!!!
As an update on our process, our dossier went to China and officially arrived Tuesday of this week. We now get to wait for our Log in Date (LID) which should be soon and then we wait for our Letter of Approval (LOA). The average wait for an LOA is about 45 to 60 days so we have a bit of a wait but I'm hoping we will be on the shorter end of things. Once we get our LOA we then have a bunch more steps but I will get into those later-- there are a bunch of small confusing steps. Anyway, all this to say that we moved through the paper work phase (dossier) quickly and had record time on getting our immigration approval. We are ahead of the game right now and we pray there are no snags that will slow us down. Right now we are looking at possible travel in January (if we keep moving really fast-- this is absolute best case scenario) or February (this is average speed) or March (if we get some slow downs which we hope we don't). So my hopes are to be in China in January-- cold!!! She is from northern China so it will be very cold but I will take any level of cold to get my little girl!!!


  1. You are right-she does have an adorable personality in the second picture. Congratulations on getting this step of the journey done.

  2. cannot believe mia is going to have a sister!!!! wow, wow, wow!!! i have a ton of clothing to get back to you before you go to china ... or are you shopping specifically for her? if so, i will donate to goodwill.

  3. Oh my goodness! Mia is getting sooo big!

    I bet you can't get to China fast enough. Finley is absolutely adorable! You are sooo blessed!

  4. Mia is toooo cute.. and Finley is right there with her.. PURE CUTENESS..
    Love the photos..
    Have you started on Finley's room yet.. I need an email on her room colors..
    Love ya.. and miss ya

  5. :) this just makes me smile!! I can not wait until both of your girls are in your closet trying on all your shoes and having fun being sisters!