Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hockey Finals!!!

The boys had their hockey finals and although they did not win first, their team came in second. They did just great and both boys are just amazing hockey players. They really love the sport more than any other sport they have ever tried (except snowboarding-- which we do a ton during winter- they went last weekend).

Owen in the box waiting to get back in. Funny story. Owen is really an aggressive player and has no problem running into guys at full force-- even those who are much bigger than he (he is by far the youngest in B division- age range is 11-13 but because Owen is so good, they let him play on B division). He charged full force for the puck at one point and just slammed into another player and was put in the penalty box for a 2 minute penalty. I just had to laugh-- the only kid to get a penalty was mine-- of course!!!

Ethan is quite good as well. He scored 4 out of the 5 goals in the final game. Owen scored the 5th goal-- good job boys!!!

Owen heading out of the box

Mia won this hat at the game. They had a mid period game for the little kids and Mia got to shoot the puck and it went in the net so she won a Canucks (Vancouver) hat-- yaaaa!!! Dads old stomping ground!!!!

After the game with Mia hanging out as always.

Coach explaining strategy to Owen

The boys did great and we found out that their hockey league was picked up by the LA REIGN (the LA KINGS farm team) as one of their youth sponsored teams. This means the league will grow and we will get some cool stuff for being in the league (free Reighn tickets, ice time, etc.).


  1. Great job BOYS..
    love the photos..
    Sounds like they are doing well.
    have a great week..

  2. Wow -- what a great job they did! Mia looks so cute in her hat!

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


  3. Great job! You are so lucky they love hockey, my husband wishes Rudy would but his passion is Tae Kwon Doe. Have a very merry Christmas!!! : )