Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorating The Tree

Tonight we decorated the tree. We did all the other decorating last weekend but tonight was our time to deck out the tree. It is so much fun looking at all the old ornaments and remembering back to the times when the kids were little.

I played with the setting to have the camera on and I could never really get it right. Anyway, here is Mia in the midst of hanging ornaments.

Owen working on the top of the tree

Ethan putting up his 2 year old ornament

Hard at work

Mia showing her lady bug ornament. We had that ornament for her the in December of 2005 when we thought we would have her home soon after that. We started adopting in July 2005 and got her home May 2007-- not quite as quick as we thought. She loves this ornament- the legs move.

Owen with his last years ornament

Mia hard at work

On the night setting-- still did not work well but Ethan is showing one of his old ornaments- cant remember which one

Owen made gingerbread cookies earlier tonight and was displaying them for the picture

Attempting to get a picture of the kids. Even though the lights are all funky, I still think this is a cute picture

This is our living room-- the final decorated product

A different angle

And the stairs

And the top of the stairs and into the loft.

So Christmas decorating is done--- yaaaa!!! Now it is time to start getting some gifts under the tree. I have lots to do!!!

I would love to congratulate my good blogger pals on the referrals of their two beautiful little girls. Two of my blogger pals who I have been following for years finally got their referrals this last week.

Congratulations to Kacy on her beautiful little girl Jennifer

And to my blogger pal Christie, congrats on her beautiful little girl Kiera who happens to be from the wonderful province of Hunan-- just like Mia-- awwww spicy girl!!!

Congrats to all those who saw the faces of their beautiful babies this last week!!!


  1. Love seeing new babies!!!!

    And your tree & living room is beautiful! I love it - I love seeing all the ornaments from years past ;)

    The last picture of all three kiddos is awesome!

    it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ;=)

  2. BEAUTIFUL decorating and your house looks wonderful..

    Love watching the kids put up all the ornaments from Christmas's past..
    Sooo much fun..
    I am sooo happy for Christie and Kayce.. the girls are darling..
    Have a great week..
    Love ya..

  3. your house looks beautiful and very festive. Love the pictures and especially the one of the 3 kids, so sweet.

  4. Great decorating -- looks so beautiful!

    And your friends' babies -- adorable!


  5. Oh my many strands of lights are on that tree? I love all of the lights in that open area, it looks beautiful!

    Enjoy your holiday!


  6. It all looks so pretty. Sorry about sweet Mia's chin. We have the same pj's as Mia and Ethan:)

  7. THe house looks GORGEOUS Christy......just beautiful!!

    The babies are so precious......makes me feel hopeful that one day soon I will see a cute little face too!! Congrats to the happy families!


  8. Your house looks so beautiful Christy! Love how the kids are all in their jammies. Cute stuff!

    Thank you for the shout out. We are still outta our minds excited!! We can't wait to head down your way this summer for some play time.