Saturday, November 23, 2013


Even though I've been away from the blog for a long time not a lot has changed in regards to the hockey season. It's still many games every weekend and while we enjoy it it does dominate quite a bit of our time. Here are some pics from the game today. Owen also had a game but we had to divide and conquer so Kevin took him to his game and I took Ethan to his game in Anaheim. Ethan's team is doing phenomenal! They are in first place in the league and are just so much fun to watch! Owens team is doing really well also. Because so much of our time is split between the two teams I don't get nearly as many opportunities to watch Owen play as I do Ethan but I still completely enjoy every second of it! The girls also enjoy going to games and always take the fun stuff to play with while were there. They also get to see their grandparents often attending the game so that's always an extra bonus with them.

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