Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day beach trip

We went to Doheney beach in Dana point on Memorial Day. It was a lot of fun and it was cool watching the boys surf. In usual form, I forgot to take many pictures but here are a few.

Beautiful Mia

So cute

Fin had a blast 

So did Emery!

Daddy and Fin :)

My surfer boy-- or almost man :)

Owen had a ton of fun surfing too. The waves were really big so they were exhausted!

Cactus Coolers-- anyone remember those-- holy cow I use to love them. They are the only non-diet soda I have ever liked. I dont drink them now but Kev loves them and bought some recently and the kids loved them too-- uggg!! Hate them drinking the soda but have you ever tried a Cactus Cooler?? They are amazing!!!!!

Mia literally rolled around in the sand all day-- it was so funny but she loved it!!


  1. Such wonderful pix!!! How isFin doing these days?

  2. Never heard of that type of soda. I don't know if they have them hear on the east coast. Will have to look for them! Have a great summer!

  3. christy- checking in after too long away... only to learn that you spent time down here in our neck of the woods! if you find yourself surfside again, please do give us a call. we would love to host your family down here at the beach- paige and pearl (home almost one year now :) (theselbyholmestead*

  4. How is Fin these days? I hope all is well!