Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just for the PHO of it!!

The girls live pho. Pho is Vietnamese noodle soup. We choose vegy pho and get massive bowl and share it. It's the girls favorite and since its super cheap we go here and there. Here are a few pics of the girls favorite pho!!

Btw fin is doing amazing!! Bowel is 100% back and bladder is maybe 20% back. She sometime feels the need to pee and some comes out but when we cath her after there is usually quite a but of urine in there still. We were told by urology that when her bladder function was coming back that she would pee a bit and the we would still need to cath. Basically fin is following exactly what they said she would be doing. Her function is well on its way back and we are thrilled. Praise God!!!!

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