Friday, September 28, 2012

Library time!!

Yes im the pitiful mom That never takes her kids to the public library. I know it's a wonderful place and we have an amazing library close to home but I still never take them. The girls have been asking to go to the library since now that they are in kinder they get to visit the library at their school. So today I decided I get my first library card and take the girls to the library after school(plus I'm off Fridays so it works well to make it a weekly thing.). Needless to say, the girls loved it. Even emery had a great time. They each got 2 books an their friend addy came too. Great time and for sure a new Friday tradition!!!


  1. fun fun...Lucy loves the library too..during the summer we went once a week and now try to go every couple of fun!!

  2. So pleased to hear that you are taking your kids to the library. It will be fun for them to pick out a few books every week. A very inexpensive and pleasurable activity! Emery looks like a California girl with her cute outfit!