Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wallet stolen-ugggg!

Cute pic just because.... 

BUT, my stinkin wallet was stolen today at mc donalds- teach me not to buy my kids micky D's again- sheshhhh!!!  Quick stop on way home from church. Just the kids and I. Of course Kevin is in Wisconsin at a missions conference so it's just me and the kids. Set purse down by drink machine. Lady asked me a question and I turned my back on purse. Filled drink, picked up purse and food. Kids in car. Passed out food drove home. Got home. Grabbed purse and thought it felt light and everything came rushing back to me and I realized what happened. So ticked. Called McDonald's and manager was very unhelpful. Drive back and looked around and nothing. Talked to unhelpful manager and told him how mad I was. Got general manager phone number. Called and he was helpful. She's gonna watch tapes tomorrow and call me. Not that it will help but Would like to know who the idiot was that stole it. Called our police department to ask for extra security tonight since they not only have my wallet but they have my license and know where we

About 10 months Ago this would not have been that big of a deal. I would have lost some credit cards and my license and the typical things in my wallet but it would not have been a big deal because I never carry cash. Fast forward. We now live on a cash only system which Dave Ramsey approves of :) I lost about $500 in my wallet today. That alone makes me sick to my stomach but knowing we are so close to the end of the adoption and trying to save every little penny we have in order to pay for our outrageously double the price airline tickets and travel, it makes me more nauseous than ever. The whole thing makes me sick and it makes me remember that we live in a fallen world where people do really lame things to other people without caring. I know that all of this can be replaced but the timing really sucks. So I have canceled every thing and made an appointment at the DMV to get a new drivers license and have taken care of all of the necessities to get everything back in order, But I am still pretty bitter and annoyed that this happen now. Remember it was only just a little over a year ago our house was broken into and my purse and Kevin's wallet and phone and all our laptops and my car were stolen. That was just a little over a year ago and now this. A little annoyed.

Sorry for my rants but just a little sick of lame things happening like this especially when it involves a large sum of money that we really needed.  Anyway thought I would let you know. Trying to go to sleep and not having any luck doing so.

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  1. I would be totally ticked as well! I'm so sorry!

  2. I am so sorry you are going through all this. Praying they see something on tape! We have a mcdonald's around here that has a warning to make sure you get everything back because they seem to employ thieves.

  3. What a bummer and sorry that this happened to you. You know often times when God is getting ready to do something big, the enemy tries to steal joy from us and get us looking at the circumstances (which often stink!) Look to Him to replace that money, that it's not all up to you and He will come through for you! Blessings upon blessings to your family!

  4. My Dear friend!!! I'm so sorry that this happened to you..I too agree that things are gonna be looking up soon and God will be doing something special to replace the money soon!!!.......Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so sorry. I hope they can find who did this on the tapes.

  6. Sorry my friend.. Hope they find it.. but sad thing that there is not a lot of honest people in the world..
    love ya..

  7. Christy, First let me say I'm sorry you have to go through that. Second I am happy to hear your still working the Dave Ramsey plan. The blessing is that someone couldn't steal all your credit cards and run up bills during a time of preparing to leave for China. My MIL just went through that and it was a huge headache. It is terrible that you have lost so much cash and it will be a struggle. I hope you have the emergency fund Dave is always talking about. God will take care of you and your family. We will pray for you and your family for preace and to keep you all safe.
    I wish I could come give you a hug.
    Blessings from CT

  8. That has to be so frustrating. I would be so angry too! And to think that these people actually practice doing person distracts and the other does the lifting.

    When we went to China in 2002, I decided to switch from an arm bag to a crossbody bag. Fossil makes some really nice leather bags. They are smaller, so it really made me cut back and only carry the necessities. Any extras got put in the diaper bag. I am so hooked on the security of carrying the crossbody that I wouldn't dream of carrying anything else.

    We also operate on a cash only, but we use our ATM debit/credit card as it automatically comes out of our account and we don't have to carry a lot of cash. Every merchant accepts it (it's a Visa card) and if we choose to use it as "credit" it still immediately comes out of our account plus we earn points through our bank and last year we were able to trade in our points for an ipad! All because we used the card for transactions where we had to sign...didn't cost us any extra. Just a perk through our bank...but a nice perk!

    I'd encourage you to look at the Fossil bags online. They have a nice website and they do have outlet stores if you have a outlet mall nearby.

    Sending good thoughts your way...


  9. Thanks guys for the suggestions and support. Got a cool story to tell tomorrow but almost midnight and gotta go to bed. Tell u more tomorrow.

  10. Dying of curiousity here. Tell the cool story, tell!

  11. I must have missed something....why in the world would you have $500.00 in your purse...? Just curious. That's like a walking bank asking to be robbed isn't it? Or did I miss something. I am so sorry that happened, do hope you find everything and get it all returned. Would make me a bit nervous too.

    1. Hi patty! We are a dave ramsey family and do all cash so I usually have lots of cash in my envelopes within the wallet.

  12. Christy we are so proud of you for following the Dave Ramsey plan and inspiring us to do the same. We are paying off everything and have been also using cash for dinners out and expenses. It is so much more relaxing not worrying about bills coming in for things charged. I've never been a big fan of charge cards and when I used them always paid them off at the end of the month, but this is so much easier. We don't have to worry about things on a change card and then feeling stretched at the end of the month because you spent more then expected. We have been thinking once, twice and three times before we spend now and realized we had lots of items stocked around the house. We had our own warehouse without really realizing how much extra food, soap, lotions etc we were buying and storing. Keep up the good work and let us know how you are coming along.

    We are praying everything works out and someone returns your wallet. Also an idea, we have a safe at home and keep some cash in there and only take with us what we think we need that day. So if we might be out and need money for eating out we take that only with us. It also keeps us from spending more on things we don't really neeed.