Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Cookies with Grandma and Grandpa!!!!

We did our second installment of "Cookies with Grandma" last night. I am very sorry for the quality of the pictures, but they were taken with my iphone because I was too lazy to get my good camera out-- sorry!! Anyway, it was a lot of fun but we were missing the boy--- where were they you ask? Well, scroll down...

The girls love painting the cookies

So much fun- they pain with food coloring and egg whites.

Grandma Bock and Kevin-- don't they look a lot alike-- minus the beard :)

They loved every minute of it!!!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all your hard work. It is a tradition we all look forward to every year.

Again, the horrible quality of an iphone camera-- and in the dark-- but here is where the boys were.....
Throwing up sick all night. Owen camped out on the couch all night-- he says it makes him feel better to sleep by the Christmas tree-- never to far from his bowl.

And Ethan was no better. He stayed in his bed and it was pitch black when I took this picture so its horrible but the poor boys were so sick. Girls had it last week and they got it this week. For the girls it was only a 24 hour thing so I am hoping it is that way for the boys. They both seem a bit better this morning but it always gets worse as the day goes on. Pray they get better and we all stay healthy!!!!

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