Thursday, November 7, 2019

It's Only Been 4 Years-- HOLY COW!!!!

So I had to find a few old pictures of Finley for an article her club soccer team is doing on her because she is so awesome-- mom brag- but I couldn't find any on my computer so I decided to open up my old blog which literally has been 4 years since I have even looked at it. I am shocked I remembered the password to even get on. Nevertheless, Im on and decided to post. I know most people are on facebook and instagram but why not do an update here.

So, according to the picture and the bio, all the info was from when Ethan was 14 and Owen was 12. So I will start with them.

Ethan-- Now 21 years old-- holy cow- how did that happen. He is playing D1 Hockey at Calvin University in Michigan. He played juniors in Canada, Boston, back to Canada and then here in So Cal. He was scouted by Calvin and they gave him the best deal so he is pursuing nursing at Calvin while playing hockey. He is a freshman although he is 21-- hockey players are always older. He is doing well but trying to figure out how to adjust to a crazy hockey schedule and a crazy workout schedule and a crazy school schedule all the while having to cook his own meals and grocery shop etc. Adulting is hard-- LOL!! He is doing well and I miss him being away from home :(

Owen-- Now 19 years old. He will be done with his associates in aviation at the end of spring semester and will start his bachelors in aviation through Southern Illinois University. Its a cool program that they house at his current local college and in 16 months-- every other weekend-- will have his bachelors. He has his private pilot rating and is about 75 hours from having his commercial rating. Owen also is the proud owner of a 1966 Cessna 150 which he flies all over the place. He loves to pick up his girlfriend in Long Beach and fly to Camarillo for breakfast then back home. He is loving flying which he is so awesome at!!

Mia-- 13 years old- 7th grade.  She just had her 13th bday a few weeks ago. She is doing so very well. We made the hard decision to have her come to our STEM school in our district which is a small school with way less students but has amazing teaching and is a total STEM program as opposed to going to our local junior high that has 2.5+ hours of homework a night-- no thank you!! She has made soooooo many friends and is just blossoming. She has friends come over every day and is just loving life. I don't think I've seen her this happy in a long time. She is just loving her junior high time and I am so thankful she is at the STEM school-- which just happens to be where my office is located so I get to see her at school everyday! She has been in tumbling - previously gymnastics- for quite a while and loves that. We keep it to only once a week so she has time for youth group and friends.

Finley-- 12 years old-- 6th grade--  She is soccer-- all soccer. She is on a club team that is tier 2 (Sliver) and is going tier 1 next season (gold). She is one awesome defense man and I love to watch her play. She is just amazing at soccer as well as school. She is smart and does very well academically and is just a happy sports oriented kid who is good at whatever sport she tries. She also is our official dog mom and takes care of their needs and they sleep with her every nights. She loves the dogs and gets after me daily that I don't do a good enough job with the dogs-- sigh..... As an update on her SN, she has spina bifida and is still cath dependent but it by NO MEANS holds her back. People are shocked when they hear her SN. She should not be able to walk but is an amazing athlete. I am so proud of fin!!!

Emery-- 8 years old-- 3rd grade. Awww Em... our little Em. She is just the sweetest little love bug ever. She is doing well in school but rather be playing than doing any academics-- reminds me of Owen. She is happy and kind and sweet and eats everything and anything that is around and doesn't gain a pound. She is a fashonista and loves picking out her outfits with cool boots. She is not currently involved in any sports but loves being involved in Awana's at Church every Wednesday night. She is literally the sweetest love bug around and I so enjoy spending time baking and running errands with her as she  always adds a bright and happy part to my day.

Langley-- 6 years old-- 1st grade. Now if you know us on facebook then you know Lang but on the blog I don't even know if I ever posted about her. Langley is our crazy little spitfire that keeps us on our toes. Kind of like Mia was at her age but less angry and tantrummy and way more sass. She is all about fashion and makeup and acting like she is 16. I have to take her back to 6 often as she is just a sassy little girl that thinks she is far older than she is. With that said, she is also the most adorable and sweet little girl who loves to play and draw and do anything artistic. She is super smart and excels in that area but also is quite the artist and loves to draw. She is in Awana's at church as well but no other activities as we are so crazy busy. Langley is so fun and makes me laugh every day. She is just a joy to be around and has never met an enemy-- loves everyone.

Kevin and Christy -- both 47-- We have been in a crazy time in our lives. I think I last posted about building our house. Well we did that and lived there for 4 years and always said that if the market ever got to a certain level that we would sell and move to our next Dave Ramsey step to be free of a mortgage. Well, Spring 2018 came and the market in Southern California was RED HOT and we decided to see what we could buy with the money we would walk with from selling our newly built house. Well, the second house we saw, we fell in love with and knew that was our house plus it was only a few miles from where we currently lived. We put our house on the market and we were able to sell for full asking price (was full asking but they wanted all our furniture so we were happy to give it as long as we got full asking price). They were cash and closed in 2 weeks-- crazy and we were able to then pay cash for our new house. We then entered into a crazy construction project where we redid the full interior of the existing home and then added 2000 square feet. We took down our first wall 2 days after we closed escrow on July 5, 2018 and we just finished the interior construction. Finally we are done with the interior and now we have an acre to landscape which will take years and years but we are not in any hurry since we plan to be there for a long time. Kevin did much of the construction on the whole project with the exception of some big time framing and plumbing and a few other things on the 2000 sqft addition. Other than that, he did almost all of it and saved us sooooooooo much money. I am so thankful to have an amazing husband who cooks and also can build houses.

Kevin is still retired from law enforcement but will be starting a new career very soon as a heavy apartment engineer. Now that Langley is in full time school, it is the perfect time plus he took the test for this union job about 18 months ago and scored really well so they have now called him to start. Probably will be in the next 2 months.

I am still an educational psych in the school district and also have a private practice that is getting too big-- yikes. I need to scale back as I am soooo busy but that private practice was what helped us not have to take out more than a small construction loan to do the remodel and addition. It covered all the extras above the loan amount. So needless to say, over the last 15 months, Ive been CRAZY busy with extra work.

We now have two adorable little patterdale terriers -- otis and piper and we love them dearly!! They are great dogs that are small but think they are massive and have little dog complex. So that is our update. I cant believe how long it has been since I looked at this blog. I couldn't remember the name at first so happy to have updated.

I tried to upload pics on my computer but it would not show me all my pics-- not sure why. So I just uploaded a few so you can see current day kids.

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